Tailor-made fitness plans
30 or 60 minute, one-to-one personal training customised to your fitness goals. Book cost-saving packages of 5, 10 or 20 sessions.

GP/ Exercise referral
For people looking to make lifestyle and diet changes under professional supervision. These programmes can only be accessed via a GP, so speak to your GP for a referral.

Diet and nutritional advice
Guidance on how to eat in a way that supports and contributes to your fitness goals. Understand food labelling, calories and what it means to have a balanced diet. Practical advice on easy, fast, nutritional meals and snacks.

Pre-wedding/occasion exercise regimes
Preparing for a special occasion or holiday? Want to train for a sporting event, such as a charity run or challenge? I can devise a focussed training plan to get you ready for that special event.

If you are recovering from an illness or sports injury I offer carefully planned exercise regimes to rehabilitate and strengthen any weak areas.

Gym sessions
I am primarily based at Wimbledon Leisure Centre and Spa. The gym has free parking and Wimbledon is accessible from all parts of London with excellent transport links including train, tube, bus and tram.

Home work-outs
If you find training at a gym or outdoors distracting, or if your time and budget is limited I can successfully train you at your own home. You don’t need any special equipment, I will use a combination of techniques to give you a full body work-out.

Park/outdoor work-outs
If you prefer to work out in the fresh air I can devise enjoyable, but challenging work-outs without the need for large exercise equipment in the South London area.

Circuit training
An aerobic form of body conditioning focusing on muscle strength and endurance.