Don’t give up

Usain Bolt had Glen Mills, Jessica Ennis-Hill had Toni Minichiello and Roger Federer has Ivan Ljubičić.

Who are Glen, Toni and Ivan? They are the coaches/trainers behind these very successful athletes.

Even once they reach the top, the pinnacle of their professional sports careers, sportsmen/women require a coach or trainer to give them the advice, support and motivation they need to keep on going. To keep on progressing. To keep on winning.

If professional athletes require a coach and trainer even after they’ve won the Olympics and World Championships then all the more so do those who are training for personal wins. If professional athletes recognise the need for external help and support, then all the more so should those who are training to achieve – whether that be weight loss, muscle gain or injury rehabilitation.

Time and time again I enrol clients who train for two, perhaps three months, and then decide to stop. Sometime there will be legitimate reasons as to why someone decides to stop training – and that’s fair enough. But some people believe that after a couple of months of personal training they have acquired enough knowledge (and motivation!) to train themselves.

Did Usain, Jessica and Roger think that once they had won gold they could train themselves?

Now, there’s no doubt that my past clients will have learnt a lot about how to use the machines, correct posturing, rest periods, heart rates etc. But do these ones continue to achieve? The progress slows dramatically, sometimes there is regression, and the investment is lost.

In some cases, after a break of a few months a person will return and re-start their personal training. With renewed enthusiasm these ones do brilliantly and achieve. But in many cases pride overtakes. Although a past client knows that they aren’t achieving what they should, they avoid my gaze or hide behind the machines (no, not really 😊)…

There’s no need!! I will never be offended if a client stops training. But in the same way that Usain, Jessica and Roger can’t do it on their own, I know that you can’t do it on your own – and I want to help. I’m ready to help.

So start training! You won’t regret it. You’ll feel great and you’ll start achieving your body’s full potential.

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