Don’t become a statistic

You may have noticed my recent Instagram post of the Cancer Research Campaign poster about obesity. I had seen that poster a few times while on my travels, but when I saw it at that bus stop I felt compelled to capture it and share it.

It is no joke. After smoking, obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer. The Cancer Research UK website has some fascinating infographics on how obesity can lead to cancer in women and it has some noteworthy information about childhood obesity and cancer. I would encourage you to have to look (see image below for example).

Finding the time to care for our bodies can be a challenge. We all live hectic lives. Sometimes we skip breakfast. Sometimes we grab meals on the go. Sometimes we get a take-away. Sometimes we have one too many beers or G&Ts on a weekend. Sometimes we’re just tired.

And you know what, these things are ok – sometimes. But what are our habits? What do we endeavour to do to keep ourselves as healthy as possible – most of the time?

I don’t want you to become another statistic on a Cancer Research UK infographic. I don’t want you to see a poster saying ‘Obesity is a cause of cancer’ and your conscience starts twanging.

Decide now to take control. Eat healthy. Exercise. I am happy to give you all the advice and support you need. Reduce your chance of obesity induced cancer now.


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