Start as you mean to go on…

January is the time of year when people are thinking about setting goals, re-prioritising their lives, decluttering, etc etc. That includes myself! But what happens in February…? How are you getting on?


Amongst others, some of my personal goals for 2018 include finding (and then spending) time exploring my creative hobbies. I also want to challenge myself physically. Not in an extreme way, no marathons or ironman races, but just small challenges to keep me motivated. I plan to set myself monthly goals to keep my own work-outs interesting.


For example, one month I would like to focus on strengthening and improving the tone of my arms. Another month I will try and make an area more lean and slim it down. Then I may try and set a personal record on a certain exercise machine. I like to experiment with different techniques to keep me on my toes.


Small is sometimes the way to go (get it? ‘Small’ – that’s me!). Big, bold goals are great but can be quickly cast aside if not achieved quickly.

What small fitness challenges are you going to set yourself?

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